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Forum Announcement: [READ] Frequently Asked Questions
[!] How do I play the flash version of Galaxy Life Reborn?
It has currently already been released for everyone, you can play it for free on the website. Make sure you create an account before, head to the home and click on the Play Game button. After that, you will be redirected to the flash game in your browser. 

[!] Help! Why does the flash version not work for me?
In most cases, it is because of two common reasons, server downtime, and flash allocation. Before you complain, make sure to check the server status first to see if the flash service is down. Does it still not work or load? Then you should check if you have allowed the flash player to run in your browser. If none of these work, then you can contact us with your issue.

Where do I play Pocket Adventures for my Android device?
You can download the Pocket Adventures game from the Play Store safely. After that, the latest Pocket Adventures application will be installed and you can open the application after that and enjoy the game.

What is a BETA tester and how can I become one?
A BETA tester does test out early updates and features in development before it goes out to the public to ensure that we will not encounter any security issues or extreme game glitches such as server crashes. Unfortunately, the BETA team is only selectable by us developers and so are you not able to get in the team anymore as we have enough testers for now. Please do not ask for it, which may result in an ignore or block from us.

What has exactly been revived or returned?
Galaxy Life has been returned with a custom server from us and we work hard on it to make sure that everyone can enjoy their childhood dreams again. Both the flash version for the browser and the Pocket Adventures version for Android devices have been revived. We are not affiliated by Ubisoft in any way.

Who are the creators and the staff of the project?
GaLaXy1036, Marido, Unelegal, and LifeCoder are the head developers of the project, but the main creator was GaLaXy1036 with his Android version that was revived first. After he did that, we joined his team and made our project even larger. For the rest, we have an awesome staff team which helps to moderate the community. Majorworm is the community manager, while BlowingRocker and AnielaBogusz are moderating the Discord server and the forums.

Why does some stuff not work? Why can I not add other friends?
All these features can possibly be unimplemented in the game since we code and write the game server ourselves and that means we have to implement everything manually. It takes a lot of time to add features that existed before because we reverse-engineer the whole process, so keep that in mind.

Why can I not save my account on Google Play or Facebook on PA?
This feature will be implemented soon, we are currently working hard on it and aim to have account saves implemented very soon. It will still take a while for us since we are also busy with the other features that we promised. Have patience, be careful with your save data and just stay up-do-date with the news.

Do I need to root my smartphone? Do I need to update the app?
No, you do not have to root your smartphone. And for server updates, that is done on our side, the backend servers, so you do not need to update your application every time. Everything is done automatically on our side, you only have to enjoy our awesome work.

When will there be a new server update for flash or PA?
As we mentioned before, it takes a lot of time to manually code and write those features so please be patient with updates. We are all humans too, and we have our serious life, school and work next to our project.

Help! I have a question or issue but it is not here in the answers.
In that case, feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter or ask anyone on the Discord. Please make sure that your common question is not listed here, otherwise, you can be ignored by a lot of members including us.

Have an awesome day.
- Marido