Galaxy Life Reborn

Full Version: Attacking versatility
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The difference in versatility in attacks between GL and Clash of clans was pretty obvious.

Gl troop use rates were dominated by S-trikes, Collosus, Valks and Blimps, while in CoC there is a bunch of different troops or troop combinations that vary for different Townhall (Starbase) levels.
What I'm saying is that imo u should try and balance out the use rates for all troops, and I thought of a cool approach.

My idea, is that u implement something I think is best described as 'forces', a bit like certain pokemon elements perform better against others. U give all troops ratings for every 'force'.
I also had the idea that u could link this to the different types of colonies. (U had a red, a yellow, a purple world etc.).

This way, certain troops will perform better against certain bases, and worse against others, depending on their rating for those 'forces'.
This will force people to use different troops in order to get better results against all different types of colonies, and add a new aspect to defending (prioritize protecting other defensive building = new base layouts)

Hope u consider this idea Smile.
Let me and the developers know ur opinion on my idea!

Have a nice day.
This will end up on players with same colonies to make the best attack, wich breaks the sauce of exploring other galaxies.
The rest looks like a tone of work to do and doesn't fit much on the way Galaxy Life was created for. I say yes i see s-trikes and others kinda op but it feels like if they become less the game mechanic will also need to change, and before doing this part require to be done other stuff plus the team work so hard for it.
Still your time for suggesting this is valuable.