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Problem with attack - Marosik6 - 11-03-2019

Ok so.. i downloaded mobile wersion of game about 1 week ago and i have a problem because attacking doesnt work, i mean i can see all of the players and attack them but i dont lose my troops , i dont get any materials like i never attacked ... oni things i got from attacks were materials to new builder. PLEASE help me or tel me if its normal problem of every player Huh Huh

RE: Problem with attack - ViciousVirus - 11-04-2019

This is totally normal, is not implemented yet.

RE: Problem with attack - Swynn - 11-06-2019

Do you know when will be implemented?

RE: Problem with attack - Majorworm - 11-12-2019

(11-06-2019, 12:36 PM)Swynn Wrote: Do you know when will be implemented?
We never know when things will be implemented.

RE: Problem with attack - Swynn - 11-12-2019

Okay thank you for your answer