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[19-2-2020] Back to action, updates and more! - Marido - 01-19-2020

Hello everyone.
It has been a while since I updated you on the forums, since we do frequently interact more with the community on our Discord server. For the rest, I can tell you that a lot of stuff happened and a lot of cool new updates that will arrive soon on the project. Take a sip of your coffee and lets dive into the news.

Pocket Adventures and flash.
For a while, since the Christmas holiday we paused the development for a bit to recover on our personal lifes with all the busy stuff in it. Now, it is currently solved and over, and so we can be back at the development now. Since the last weeks, we the team works hard on new updates for Pocket Adventures and flash. You can think about updates such as;
- Device sync saves for Pocket Adventures.
- Loots after attacks which did not work.
- Friends, you can add them easily.
- Alliances for the ultimate battles soon.
- Missions, more NPCs, and tons of fixes.
We are so busy with fixes and that stuff, please note that what we do (reverse-engineer the servers) is an extremely hard and effort taking job. You can always support us with kind words or with donations. Have patience, and these updates will arrive soon.

Website and service updates.
Since a while, we have also been hard at work with the website and the stuff behind it such as backend servers. This took also a lot of effort and time to do so, but the results are to really be happy about. The website looks clean, is smooth, works on all devices, from a small smartphone to an enormous curved monitor. Also a new load of features, such as profiles with statistics, verification systems, friends system which also works on flash, account data options and much more. We are proud of how it is now, and we look forward to improve it even more in the future.

We become a company.
Recently, one of our developers (LifeCoder) decided to make up a plan and wants to partner our projects to make one cooperation in the future. We talked days for this, until we decided to actually do it. Galaxy Life Reborn will be a sister project of Phoenix Network, which also revives other games such as Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play2Free and more. We will be one cooperation and will mostly work on reviving even more games. Let us know what kind of games you would love to see come back!

Pretty much that, but a lot more happened. If you want to be up-to-date with everything that happens, make sure to join our Discord server. Frequent new announcements and a lot of fun with the community over there.

Any questions or issues? Read the common questions before and contact us if your question is not listed there, we will be happy to help you out as soon as possible.

A quick reminder to follow us on Twitter for even more news and updates on the project.

Have an awesome day.
The Development Team

RE: [19-2-2020] Back to action, updates and more! - fireice421 - 02-21-2020

When Rahzul event begone

RE: [19-2-2020] Back to action, updates and more! - Naitoo37 - 04-07-2020