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Title: [14-10-2019] Play Store, update delay, and more.
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Hello everyone.
It is a while since we have seen a new thread from us pass by, and this time I want to inform you about some subjects that need to be cleared up since it only causes confusion and frustration for most users. I also want to add that news is also posted on Twitter and Discord since we are more active there.

Play Store version released? What is that?
Since the project has grown a lot in such a short amount of time, and people still had a lot of troubles with the Pocket Adventures file, we decided to put it in the Play Store for easier accessibility. The Play Store version is fully safe and lightweight to install. The application is basically an installer that installs the latest Pocket Adventures file retrieved from our server on your Android device. After that, you can just play Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures with a lot of fun.

The Play Store application can be found here.
Manual files like the installer and the Pocket Adventures game itself are currently hosted on our server.
Automatic installer file - https://galaxylifereborn.com/downloads/installer.apk 
Pocket Adventures file - https://galaxylifereborn.com/downloads/galaxylifepa.apk.

Keep in mind that you should not install the Play Store version if you already have the Pocket Adventures on your device. This was only done for users so they can find and install it easier than the manual way you had to do before. Double installations may fully overwrite your save data.

When is the public flash release done?
The development team is currently busy every day with developing the servers for Pocket Adventures and the public release. It is not easy to reverse-engineer a whole game and this may take some time as mentioned before. We are all humans too, we have school, work, and family in our lives too. This may make it harder for us to spend more time developing, but we are still trying our best to develop as much as possible in our free time.

We aim to have the public flash release done with the promised features such as alliances, colonization and multiplayer before the end of 2019. This may not be fully accurate, but that is what we aim for. Have patience and it will come quicker than you realize.

Are there some other cool topics which I missed?
- The BETA server of Unelegal is open to play around a little bit in the sandbox with unlimited chips and saves implemented. 
- Queues have been implemented since the server is overloaded pretty quick. Testers, donators and staff members can bypass it.
- The website is updated on a daily basis, sometimes you will not even notice that. We are always open for feedback or ideas to add.
- A brand new trailer has been made for us by our hero Meptinity, and it looks really awesome. You can view the trailer on YouTube.
- We have Twitter as mentioned before, with the latest up-to-date information and news about the project. Have you followed us?

We hope that we have informed you about the important subjects for now, and you can always contact us if there are any questions or issues. For the rest, we wish you a lot of fun with Pocket Adventures or with the flash version if you are able to get through the hyped queue.

Have an awesome day.
- Marido
Thank you for these Infos Big Grin
Thank u rly much for the answers Marido
Dziękuję za te informacje.
Para cuándo saldrá la nueva actualización de Android para recojer los recursos después del ataque
(10-17-2019, 03:15 PM)Perez7 Wrote: Para cuándo saldrá la nueva actualización de Android para recojer los recursos después del ataque

1.- Actalizaciones vendrán para el servidor en lo que han dicho, además de que están codificando el sistema de recursos (código cual tiene que ser he-hecho al no venir en el juego-cliente, sino en el juego-servidor, en lo que supongo)

2.- In this forum we only talk in English, for now you don't have to worry, but, in the next time, you must write your posts in English or, maybe, use a Translator (DeepL, for example)
Just another Latin American user who speaks a language he will never fully understand.
Dziękuje za informacje , czekamy na wiele innych zmian

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