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Title: Galaxy Life Galactic Battlefield, Majorworm's "new" fan-story!
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Greetings! It is me, Community Manager Majorworm and i have just enhanced my long time running Galaxy Life Fan-Story: Galaxy Life Galactic Battlefield. What is Galaxy Life Galactic Battlefield (GB)? Galactic Battlefield is a fan story featuring many elements of the original Galaxy Life and Original Characters too! It even contains some suprise characters that may or may not be OCs if you know a lot about Galaxy Life!

It is in text-vorm but contains pictures for viewing pleasure, it is still ongoing and you can read the story (split up into multiple posts) here: 

---> https://www.deviantart.com/majorworm1 <---

[Image: ddj86sy-c9bda540-577d-42ed-8670-7bbb6f0c...7EFU7bhmRE]
[Image: FLD8X7P.png]

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