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Title: [HowTo] Getting workers, PA version
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Is your time to do it, or you will be late!
Since we know all, PvP isn't out, we should get ready for it, so i want to explain my way to get workers for the new people and maybe the ones that still didn't knew.

[Image: YAXqdhk.jpg]
To get this 3 objects:
[Image: AfsqHZz.jpg]

[Image: f33y98k.jpg]
The Hat of the Worker + the Toolbox : The Hat of the Worker you can find it by collecting each 20 seconds the compact houses till you get one, after you get one you should get on the planet again to claim more, or you won't be able to get more (that's how mafia ubisoft works). The same happen to the Toolbox, on the last post i mentioned the way to get more chips, indeed that's the way to get as well this object.
(you can see the thread here: https://galaxylifereborn.com/forum/threa...pa-version)
[Image: fEkKkkB.jpg]
Now to get the Hammers, this is were things get interesting, my way to get them is by a little bit of patience, and also
good colonies Wink, why i mean this, well to get them you must get into Target Spotter.
[Image: eZiRp7K.jpg]
And go into colonies (well if you want planets lol), by this way is better than attacking NPC bases, NPC bases they tend to upgrade and if you are in a low level you will be in trouble to get Hammers. My suggestion, more fast and easy against colonies

[Image: miFLmjI.jpg]

You just have to choose a base and attack it, you don't loose for now Minerals or units, that's why i mean is the perfect time to attack. 
This post has been made for the user SLSDyan
(her thread: https://galaxylifereborn.com/forum/thread-non-pvp-how-to-get-a-lot-of-objects-with-attacks)
Almost a thousand views on this thread, yet no replies. Pretty smooth tutorial man, you became the CEO of Tutorials.
Everyone saw this and was like, ight, time to farm.
(05-02-2020, 01:53 PM)svr333 Wrote: Everyone saw this and was like, ight, time to farm.

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