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Title: Max Power Reborn - Majorworm's Alliance
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Greetings! I am Majorworm, Head Moderator and General of Max Power Reborn.
[Image: latest?cb=20200403152623]

Max Power Reborn is based off of the original Max Power, the top Alliance led by Joel Alton. Max Power Reborn carries the legacy and desires of Joel Alton with active and not-to-be-underestimated members. The Alliance is allied with 2 other official Alliances such as Timeless Imperium and The Elite Division.

Led by a Head Moderator, a ex-Community Moderator, a moderator as a Private, and being known almost everywhere, this Alliance makes a fine candidate to be official.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/5uMxhad


Currently Max Power Reborn is not recruiting new members, but the requirements are still there

- Be extremely active

- Your level before shutdown

- What languages you speak

The Legion Of The Three Dragons

Coming back to the Allied Alliances, The Legion Of The Three Dragons (LOTD) is a collaboration of MPR, TI, and TED. We work on supporting eachother as much as we can and upon joining any of the 3 Alliances you become part of it. It is heavily recommended to join the special Discord server for it. (LOTD Members only, you will gain an invite link upon joining).

It would be a pleasure to fight you, see you in the galactic battlefield!
[Image: latest?cb=20200403160735&format=original]
[Image: FLD8X7P.png]
- Be extremely active
I hope

- Your level before shutdown

- What languages you speak
french english
Be extremely active
i'll be active ! i have a alot of free time to play

- Your level before shutdown
500+ i dont remember so good... but i do know that i passed the 500. and i was in the top players many times because i played a lot

- What languages you speak
i want to thank the ppl who worked a lot to develop the game buck!!!! they did a lot' i hope and the will feel the success! Heart Heart 
-active 10h per day.  Somedays 16h per day.
-My lvl was 300+

-Polish and english
lidl alliance LMAO get a free discount on ketchup by buying from lidl

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