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Title: My opinion / suggestions
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I want to start of by thanking everyone that helped bring the game back to life, and do all of this hard work to bring back a part of our childhood. Absolute legends.

Now in this thread I would like to give some advice / suggestions that might be helpful to the project, using my 'experience' from both Clash of clans and the memories from Galaxy life (and maybe other games too).
I added prefixes (for example [A]) to every paragraph so it is easier for u guys to add / give ur opinion or deny some things specifically.
(Also, excuse me if u got some names incorrect. I don't know all correct english names, as I always played on Dutch)

[A] First of all, I think u should focus on completing all features u wish to implement, before u start promoting the game. When new players discover the temporary incomplete game they might not like it as much and abandon it early, when they might like the completed version.

[B] I don't think the remaining community from the first GL period is big enough to make the game popular again, so I suggest u also consider strategies to develop a new and young player base besides the already existing one.
I think it is obvious that social media are the most efficient ways to reach new people, but I think that especially Youtube and steaming platforms like Twitch or Mixer are useful, allowing u to showcase the details of the game.
To summarize the suggestion from this paragraph: Implement features that are interesting content, and help creators to grow their popularity. (I might do a separate thread on this once I come up with enough ideas)

[C] Another important thing is communication. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) features in both GL, Clash of Clans and many other games is Alliances / Clans. I remember being in a very strong guild carried by myself and 3 other players, but I had 0 communication with everyone but the leader (and that was only some messages through a friend request on the site I played), and there were also a bunch of 1-player alliances. Here, for example Clash of clans had a big advantage: a lot of players grew their alliances through a global chat, or optimized their strategies through the clan-chat, where in GL I just did what I thought was best. If u decide to implement an in-game global chat I just want to mention that in Clash of clans it was 'abused' by young children picking fight a lot as well (just so u are aware). Anyways, I'm sure u can come up with a creative and effective way to enhance communication between players (and again I might do a separate thread on this as well).

[D] Another big one where Clash of Clans had an advantage, was the versatility. I remember in GL S-trikes dominated, and once u could afford them Collosus. In Clash of clans we see a variety of strong attack strategies (E-dragons, Dragons, PEKKA Bowlers, Lavaloon, Queen Charges, ...), and also a variety in defenses, where in GL Mortars, Freeze turrets, Defense bunkers and Air Defenses were the dominant defenses. Recently I had a very good idea which I will expand on in this thread: https://galaxylifereborn.com/forum/threa...ersatility.

[E] 'Organise' methods for people who want, to become better at the game (besides the tutorial missions). Personally videos from for example Orange Juice (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6NVATaKl_g) really helped me to improve from 'noob' to sentient in Clash royale.

[F] A small list of things I remember I specifically liked and disliked about GL.
[F-1] - The events were always very cool (easter, dooms day, ...)
[F-2] - The graphics
[F-3] - The fact that u could gather special items u could trade for Collosus and Blimps.
[F-4] - The new layout, only bcs I still liked the initial layout
[F-5] - The last 2 updates were pretty bad imo, the gift machine was pretty worthless, definitely for richer players / I don't remember how the shield thing worked (cuz I had already moved on to Clash of clans), but it did not encourage me to start playing again.

This is all I could think off for now, if I remember something else I will add it here later.
Let me and the developers know ur opinion on (some of) these ideas!

Have a nice day.

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