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Title: Save the Starlings Mission Bug
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Hello Everyone,
I completed the mission Save the Starlings, however after refreshing the game the mission disappeared but the game thinks that I still did not complete it. I am level 16 now and cannot still attack Firebit or cannot use the Academy.
Please fix this it has been like this for 2 weeks and I hoped it would have fixed by itself but nothing yet.
I have the same problem since few days.. >w<"
Queria informarle que tengo problemas al desarrollador la missión de galaxy life que consisite en SALVA LOS STARLINGS. No puedo dessarrollar esa missión ya que al ingresar al sistema planetario actual me genera un error que dice REINICIO IMEDIATO, el error lo tengo hace como 3 semanas y no hay solución.
Same problem here for the past week, please help!
I have the same problem, I completed the mission to save the starlings and the game doesn't recognize it. Therefore, I cannot attack Firebit and continue with the other missions.

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