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Title: Security Concerns
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I just got the apk for pocket adventures from the website and saw that it needs access to my identity,  SD card, accounts, etc. I just wanna play galaxy life, why does it need this stuff, it seems off to me. Huh
This is the actual APK which was used by Galaxy Life, the permissions were set by them. I think the permissions are really unclear on some Android versions. I will explain a few.

SD card permission - This is actually to write the game data to your internal storage which basically every apps does, otherwise the progress cannot be saved.
Accounts - This does not require your account creditials, but just to synchronize your accounts (like Facebook or Google Play) so Galaxy Life could sync your progress with devices.

I understand it may be odd, but it is nothing more than a harmless permission which is only good for the game, not for anyone else.

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