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Title: The Direct Market
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As you know when you are in late endgame these items become useless: mallets, helmets, tool boxes, starbatteries, manalights, friendship stones and spheres
You can do nothing with them except give them to your friends

So i present to you The Market 
You can sell these items in exchange for chips but you CAN'T buy them back
You would still need to buy these items for the their full chip price

They won't be sellable for the same price that you can buy them cause selling 1 mallet for 80 chips would break the game

So let me propose the prices
-sell 5 mallets to get 1 chip
-sell 5 spheres to get 1 chip
-sell 5 mana lights to get 1 chip
-sell 5 starbatteries to get 1 chip
-sell 1 friendship stone to get 1 chip
-sell 15 helmets to get 1 chip 
-sell 15 toolboxes to get 1 chip

The Market could also have a bulk sell option where if you have like 500 mallets you can sell tham all at once instead of clicking the button 100 times but i guess that would be a bit harder to implement

These prices don't offer too much chips in exchange so i think i got the prices pretty balanced as you would need a grand total of 500 hammers to get just 100 chips
You devs can allways increase the price of one chip if you think that's too much.

Oh yeah and this is NOT an online trading market

You don't pay another player 1 chip for 5 mallets
or give 5 mallets to a player for a chip

You "give" 5 mallets to the game itself and it removes them forever giving you a chip in exchange
It's like the Shop where you "give" the game 75 chips and the game removes them and gives you an instant action pack in exchange
I want to make that clear

The Market would be located in the Shop section in the game

I understand that adding a completly new feature is hard atm
But you could try to implement this in the future like 2 years from now
I'd rate this post 10/10 if you I had alzheimers and I thought you were Ricky Gervais
(05-23-2020, 07:11 PM)svr333 Wrote: I'd rate this post 10/10 if you I had alzheimers and I thought you were Ricky Gervais

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