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Title: The Elite Division
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Many claim they will be 'the best alliance' but it's easier said than done. 

We on the other hand are gathering professional players and experienced plebs from our favorite ol' game Galaxy Life, and forming an elite team that will do whatever it takes to reach the very top.

So we introduce to you:
The Elite Division!
[Image: ed_logo_f_allred-black.png]

We consist of players from previous top alliances like Alien Project, Ladies in the War and etc. This is a newly created group dedicated to the game and with one goal on our mind: To be the most dominant alliance on the flash version of GLR!

As for now, we are currently building a community around our alliance and growing momentum for the future alliance update for flash. Because trust me, when alliance wars releases, we are the last alliance you want to face!


This alliance will be hard to join in the upcoming furure, as we are only looking for active and experienced people. But we are currently recruiting members! 
So you have a good shot at joining us before alliances gets released, as long as you can qualify for the current requirements listed below:

- Good experience with the game. 

(Ofc you need to know how the game works). But if you want to climb your ranks, you must be willing to learn how to be effective when playing, make fast but steady progress and most importantly, how to work together in order to achieve the #1 spot.
- You need to be active. 

This should be obvious, the more you play the better. If you have an actual life you will still need to get on at least every battle day (when we are at war, you need to participate). If you have activities or ongoing things in life, tell us so we know.

- Communication is key! 

First off you need to understand and speak English. You also need to be a member of our discord because being aware of what's happening (news, info, war details etc.) is an necessity. Also just by communicating we learn to know eachother better and we find trust more easily, which makes the alliance even stronger!

- Play as a team.

Yes! You need to follow the war strategies. If you are told to structurize your base, orginize your colonies, be more active in wars or whatever, you do so! We will ofc support you in all situations, but if you decide to just play by yourself then this is no longer the place for you..



Remember we will not babysit you! We will of course help you learn more about how to make good use of the game mechanics to thrive as an elite player, but the more you've played GL, the better the chances of joining.

You can go ahead and apply to join on the discord server (linked below) or if you feel like contacting me about it, you can also do that.
OR if you just want to check us out, be our guests : )

Discord link:

You can also contact me:
GurkaGlass#5890 (LapizLazuli)

We wish the very few souls that read the forums a very lovely day!
Sincerely ~Lapiz
We are looking forward to working together with you. Smile
Though if we meet on the battlefield.. as you said #noMercy!
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too

I'm on the highway to hell
looks good : )
- Obii  Heart

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