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Title: Tournaments (Suggestions)
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I was thinking about the Alliance Wars and I wanted to suggest a tournament format.

1- The host will publish a thread about the tournament in the forum (the host can put a limited number of alliances)

2- All alliances who are interested post a message to confirm their participation in the tournament.

(Optional)- One week before the tournament, the host will do the seeding of the alliances.

3- The tournament will begin and the alliances will start the wars.

   3.1- If this is single elemination, the final will require 2 wars won to win the tournament.
   3.2- If this is double elemination, the three finals will require 2 wars per set won to win the tournament.
   3.3 If this is Round Robin, only one war win will be required since you will have to fight the others alliances.

4- After each set, the score has to be reported to the host.

5- After the tournament end, The host will publish the results in the forum.

(sorry if I did mistakes i'm medium in english)

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