How does this work?

This is the promised new leaderboard system, which does finally show the most famous or powerful players from the reborn universe. The leaderboards are refreshed every few seconds, so it will always be accurate and updated.

An example of a player in the leaderboard may look like this, which does show his current name, avatar and you can click on the avatar to visit his profile to see their statistics and other features.
Firebit #1

A lot of players will compete for a place here, so we hope you enjoy the competition and try to grow your position. Keep in mind that cheaters may appear sometimes for a small period before they are banned automatically. We keep serious track of the cheaters, and we would always appreciate if you report any cheater to the team.

Developer Tools
For developers there is a neat API to use in your own projects, bots or any other tool. You can easily send a HTTP request to this module to receive a response with the leaderboard data which your code can deserialize and process.

An extra note, this recent leaderboard update is currently not fully rolled out as it is still in the experiemental phase. This may be enabled or disabled anytime, so keep that in mind. Stay tuned on our social platforms for more updates and information about these updates or features.

The API may be rate limited at any time due to safety and performance reasons, so it is highly recommended to optimize your code and not to heavily depend on the modules every time.