Terms of Service

Game Policy
  • You are not allowed to try to hack, modify, cheat, or break the game with any intention; serious action will always be taken. This can vary from a simple website punishment to legal actions if neccesary.
  • Inappropriate usernames, avatars or chats will be removed and punished by the moderators. In rare cases, the account will be suspended to protect the community from these cases if they are too disturbing.
  • You are not allowed to sell, host or release the game under your name as a third-party service or project.
  • Any abuse of the provided services, such as the developer API or public access points for friends and other features, is not allowed as it may hurt the main purpose of the feature or make an unfair situation compared to other users.
  • The developers, administrators and the moderators have every right to suspend your account due to suspection of a violation of the Terms of Service. If you think you were punished in an error or mistake, please contact the support.
  • The staff team, based on the highest position to down, has the right to suspend, ban or delete your account on a custom case which is punishable but not described in the moderation policy. This does only apply on rare serious cases.
  • The assets we may use for the frontend, backend or the game itself are protected and may not be shared, linked, modified or restributed without the clear permission from us. The permission may only be granted from the development team. A small part of the assets are still intelectual property and protected by Ubisoft under their own respective policy.

  • Privacy Policy
  • The term 'we', 'us', or 'staff' defines the whole staff team of this project. The staff team may not be responsible for any damage that impersonators create as we only publice new official statements from our news overview, forum or Discord. Never believe anyone claiming talking from our behalf without checking.
  • We do not collect any personal cookies or data from your game, account or content such as chats, uploads and such. We only store cookies that are critical for your account which do not contain personal data such as usernames. Such data is only processed for the intended function and not shared with a third-party advertiser or such. You can always ask the developers what data is processed for the functions.
  • The data stored on our side such as passwords, sessions, tokens and such are protected with the best care to protect your account from hackers. It is also your responsibility to protect your own creditials and to never share them. If you have been hacked, contact our support as soon as possible to recover the account.
  • Any external services such as Google Analytics or CRM are meant for the proper intention as it has been described on the platform by the services itself. We keep manually track of these services for the safety of your data as well.

  • The Terms of Service may be updated, modified or disclosed at any time with or without any notice. You are responsible for your own actions. An eventual (suspected) violation will result in a punishment or termination if neccesary.