About the project

The project was founded by GaLaXy1036 and aimed to revive the famous Galaxy Life game which was shut down by Ubisoft. After a few years, he started the idea to reverse-engineer the servers and that became a success. After an awesome journey, other developers have joined his path to make the project grow even harder with more help on the side. Thanks to all of these, Galaxy Life Reborn is one faithful project made for the history of our childhood. Now, almost a year later with tons of players in the community and traffic, we have an nice entire dedicated team of staff to keep the project running smooth.


Head Developer
I am GaLaXy1036, a 17-year old French guy. Started development and mobile applications reverse-engineering in early 2017 with Clash of Clans, a similar game to Galaxy Life. I am the founder of the project and the main back-end developer of this project that I started in the end of 2018. Galaxy Life Reborn is a great project where I am really proud of to be a founder and developer.

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Head Developer
I am Marido, a 17-year old busy software and hardware student in the Netherlands. Currently I am in love with my experience with application development, software back-end development, security exploiting, and much more. I am also proud to be a developer here too, since Galaxy Life Reborn became the only and the best one thanks to our energy and time spent into this.

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Head Developer
I am Unelegal, a passionate guy from Austria also working on the back-end for this project. I do actually study Mechanical Engineering and Automation at the moment and I am doing a part of the coding for this and other cool projects in my free time. I became a developer since I helped the project with a nice enormous step by finding the assets required for the game.

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Head Developer
I am Javier, a 18-year old hard-working guy from Spain. My coding journey started off around halfway through 2019 when the GL PC assets were crawled. I did not think twice, I dived right into it with 0 experience and I cannot be prouder of that. At this point, even though my experience is very short, I am always willing to bring out the best in myself with regard to coding, my passion.

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Head Developer
I am Matthias, 21-year old and live in Belgium. I have been in software development for more than 10 years of which I spent the last 5 reversing and reviving games. In my free time I create my own games or learn new cool stuff to use in game revival. I am also known as the founder of Phoenix Network, which revives some other childhood games such as Battlefield Heroes EA.

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Head Moderator
I am Majorworm, a 16 year old Dutch Galaxy Life Enthusiast and Community Manager who is active and in-the-know in almost every corner of the Galaxy Life Reborn community. Learning 3D and planning on making 3D Galaxy Life content in the future to make the game even cooler. If you need any help or support from me, contact me on the Discord server or on the forum.

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Community Moderator
I am Youyou and I am French. It has been since April that I joined this project. I joined this team because I saw the huge potential to help this project. I am not really active in the English chat but I am in the French chat, and it is why I am here to moderate the French channel but I still answer some questions from other channels. I try to do my best to help this community.

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Community Moderator
I am Aniela, a dude from Poland. I have been around in this great project for a pretty long time and I am mostly active in the Polish chat channel. I am known for my awesome memes and my well trusted moderation here, and besides that there is not too much interesting stuff to say about me. You may always find me in any chat channel on the Discord server or on the forum.

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